Radio Wegahta Audios

Radio Wegahta interview with journalist and author Amanuel Sahle about his new book. November-2013

Radio Wegahta interview with Diaqon Bereket Debas. November-2013

Radio Wegahta special interview with veteran Yemane Teklegiorgis Gebremedhn. November-2013

Radio Wegahta interview with Dr. Misgna Gebremedhn about Lampedusa tragedy. November-2013

Radio Wegahta interview with Gebrihiwot Habte Part1. May 2-2013

Radio Wegahta interview with Filmon Samson on Libia prison experience. May 3-2013

Radio Wegahta interview with Filmon Rezene from Israel, Eritrean Youth for Democratic Change. May 14-2013

One comment on “Radio Wegahta Audios

  1. haki on said:


    Norway, Oslo

    Hei radioerena,

    How are you? i am very proud of you that you have done a very great jobb in the world. All the Eritrean people could understand you better now. I will be active participant in your program. I would like to tell you that your credibility have shown in side eritrea or outside Eritrea. I am going to tell you that the very secret information to you that government of Eritrea was trying to send some of his co-supporters in Europe, Africa, America to dismantle any opposition aganist the ruling party in Eritrea. Among them is that. Dr. Yemane Misgna dean, college of economics and business in Halhale, he is now in Sweden in the city of Lund which can be shown a considerable oppostion to the brutal regeme in PFDJ. He came with his childeren and i am sure that you have a good information about him that he was playing key role in dismantling the university of Asmara in 2008 and opened a new college in Halhale and Mai Nefi,,, which is a military camp and unrecognized by any other wester coutnries(lack of standards). As part of this he has directly contact with president office and security forces in eritrea about eritrean in diaspora and collect information about opposition movement in Sweden and other European countries.

    Currently he is making contacts with eritrean opposition in Lund and university students, he is pretending himself asif he was a gainst the government, however, his mission is to collect information about Eritreans’ opposition in dispora.

    Therefore, i am strongly advising you that any apposition party in sweden or in any other European countries should stop contact with him and by now the government of Eritrea has all the information from him. I would like you to send this letter to the respective eritrean community, intellectuals devoted for changes and overthough the brutal regime in Eritrea

    He is femous for writing a book wich is titled:Italian Colonialism in Eritrea, 1882-1941: Policies, Praxis, and Impact (Acta Universitatis Upsaliensis. Studia Historica Upsaliensia, 148)

    I will update you with latest information…..

    Thank you very much,


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