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For questions or suggestions, please send an E-mail to

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Are you willing to contribute a specified monthly amount to Smerrr room and causes?


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4 comments on “Contact Us

  1. Gahtelai on said:

    Dear Smerrr
    Where can I get an adudio recording of ahmed nasser from yesterday’s smerr paltalk room. Please send me a link if you have one.

    Thank you

  2. Michael Ghebremedhin on said:

    Dear Smerr Administrators:

    I am one of your supporter of your hard work.
    Last week, I have donated $50 through pay pal for the Smerr room. I hope you have received it.
    Keep up the the great work!

    from North America

  3. jeganu ahwat smerr: dahaykum ms semaeku kulu shgr eritrawi meniesey teraeyuni gn ka ztewede; meftihi zrekebe; koynu ysmaani alo mknyatu smret eti mewadadrti zeyblu hayli sle zkhone.

  4. Entay ekum tblu zelekum

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