Habtom, a National Service recruite, narrates his harrowing experience and escapes from PFDJ prisons.

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Published on: May 1, 2014

5 comments on “Habtom-medeb-tezareb-Apr29-2014

  1. cave Solomon on said:

    Haye ajokum kulu teredieuna iu tsgemnan tsgem hzbnan teredieuna iu ab qdmi gnbar nkid nktet ngesgs hji.zezqedemna ente weridna eti meniesey wn ksieb slzkone nwred.

  2. Berhane on said:

    I went participate in my country political please.

  3. Berhane on said:

    oh guys it is very smart toke about my lovely my country Eritrea

  4. Jacob Tesfamariam on said:

    I can not get in in smerrr paltalk

  5. Jacob Tesfamariam on said:

    cannot get in in smerrr paltalk

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