Dr Tewelde Tesfamariam -Wedi Vacaro

Dr. Tewelde Tesfamariam (Wedi Vacaro) – Nov 22, 2013

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Published on: November 23, 2013

One comment on “Dr Tewelde Tesfamariam -Wedi Vacaro

  1. selamawit on said:

    the criminal gang of dictator iseyas keeps co-workers who systematically try to undercut democracy and free speech all over the world.

    1. if you know a member of the criminal regime, check out where he or she works.
    especially if the employer is a public agency, inform the employer about the criminal labor of the person. same thing with people working in the education (also private) sector.
    many of them work AS “VOLUNTARY ASSISTANCE” AND BLOWBEAT new REFUGEES in diaspora!

    2. if you see a group of the CRIMINAL REGIME MEBERS RUNNING A CLUB/association (pretending it was beneficial) to collect money which at the end is fundrsing for jailing, killing, torturing eritrean people,
    stop it: anounce to your local officers, that this is not beneficial but anti-democratic, evasion of tax and criminal!
    3. if you see members of the criminal regime CHEATING REAL BENEFICIAL CLUBS /association (e.g. clubs of people who want to help people in the 3rd word), write a letter to every important instance (copy) for this club and alert them of the criminal intensions! otherwise they will steal the money which was meant for humanity issues!

    4. if a CRIMINAL MEBERS OF TH „EMBASSY“ wants you, your mother/father or whoever to pay the 2% „tax“, announce it to the police – otherwise you could even be charged for cooperating with criminals. (don’t forget the exact name of the person.)

    5. if your familymembers/friends are rushed or browbeaten to join the labor of the criminal regime in anyway – e.g. by participating in clubs, paying money – annouce it to the police. don’t forget the exact name and address of the person!

    6. if you see a high profil of the propaganda worker of the criminal regime in online comunity like forums, don’t let them speak alone: give voice to the voiceless, don’t let them distrubte their evel messages full of lies.

    7. if you see an FAMOUS PERSON working „backstage plan“ for the criminal regime, announce it to the newspaper. the readers have the right to know the truth.
    It is our judical and ethical duty to protect the democracy which protects us by prohibit the labor of iseyas and his gang in diaspora!!!


    e.g. write digital letter, print it multiple and send it to several liable instances.
    Or simply write an email. you can shortly mention why who prefer to write anonymously !
    check the net for adresses an contact persons – don’t worry, everybody will see!

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