Tesfay Temnwo December 8

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Published on: December 12, 2012

Tesfay Temnwo provides advice to the youth.

3 comments on “Tesfay Temnwo December 8

  1. Ogbai Ghebre-Medhin on said:

    Tesfa hager kburat men-Aseyat,
    This is my first time to join the smerrr program on the occasion of Haw Tegadalai Temenewo’s wise advice and transparent replies to questions from listeners. Perhaps one day you will give me an opportunity to share my views with you. To give you a hint of my age, I am a youth of the 60s, hence,I can be abo to those in the forties. I have been writing in Tigrigna in my name since 2001.
    Sesnu! Keep up the good work armed with humility!
    Warm regards,
    Ogbai Ghebre-Medhin
    Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA

  2. tsegaberhan desta on said:

    Hi jeganu smerrrr nihna baakum higusat ena ab u s a bflay ab Seattle simret nidli Alena bejakum nitahagagez misaku bkemey kinwudeb Alena kisab biret kinhiz kinwagae dilwat ena gin hagezkum nideli Alena soguddddddddddddffddddd

  3. Mengis on said:

    Tesfay I remember meeting you when I was 14years old at mekerka anseba, I don’t expect you to remember me but I do! And it is so nice to here your voice again after many many years. Tesfay you are a treasure of history and I am so glad to listen to the history of my country and my people from a person of reason like you keep the excellent job that you are doing.

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