Minister Bereket Simon’s Smerrr room presentation of Oct28

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Published on: October 29, 2012

Invited by the Eritrean Smerrr for Change paltalk room, Communication Minister of Ethiopia Ato Bereket Simon gives an extensive presentation and responds to several questions from the public regarding various issues on Ethio-Eritrea relationship.

4 comments on “Minister Bereket Simon’s Smerrr room presentation of Oct28

  1. E-mail4u on said:

    It is historical interview for the millions of Eritrean who maliciously , cruelly, inhumanely ,arrested , tortured and killed or let die in the desert of Sahara and Mediterranean sea. Our cry for help has been heard and hope is given where many hopelessly suffering in dark underground prisons of Eritrea and elsewhere in the world. It is not like many says- where it came the sudden love between our people and the government of Ethiopia? I’ll say the love always were there but it was overshadowed by hate propaganda of HIGDEF machineries. It is not like I didn’t do it for you Niger as the British soldier said to one of the Eritrean mama when she said “Thank You “for coming to liberate us from Italian. What higdef doing to our people had not be done by any of the previous governments of Ethiopia. So we don’t have to give any credit for those who dare to tell us siding with the enemy. Who is the enemy here? The one who give me shelter and food and Education or the one who deny me even to breath freely the god given oxygen in my country? From now on higdefawyan please tell us what we don’t know . Only 5% of what we know about higdef is enough to say go to hell with your old propaganda. Ethiopia has of course interest helping us to get rid of nazi Higdef but for us is not simply INTEREST. It is our to be or not to be .And I choose TO BE and work with anyone who can help me to get rid of higdef and korakur higdef.If you call me keda, weyane for working with the same people once Isayas worked , what do I call you for working with Kinijit and G7 who still telling the Ethiopians Assab is ours? I just leave the answer for you

    • I completely agree with you and additionally, I would say all Eritreans should try to understand the hidden agenda of Isayas the agenda of destroying Eritreans and as long as Isayas is in power Eritreans cannot live in peace and the solution is to remove Isayas by any means.

  2. fatma abdurashid9 (nahdawia) on said:

    I am realyproud of my semer home and adminat our rome too
    this the fourth defeated to mafia asmara and his pupits and blind folders supporters. Job well done congratulation
    I wisheses always the succesful infuture, because of you our perlent youn eritrean our dream going to come soon inshalah

  3. IbrahimY on said:

    good jobb done. I’m so proud of admins. I’ve gott back my confedense to be an eritrean. go on brothers and sisters time is in to put off HGDF in the garbege (skariko). I’m ready now supporting you.

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