Leul Kibreab – former Eritrean Air Force pilot

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Published on: October 24, 2012

In his appearance on Medeb tezareb of Smerrr paltalk room on Oct. 23/ 2012, Leul Kibreab, a former pilot in the Eritrean Air Force who in 2004 escaped to Saudi Arabia on a helicopter together with two colleagues from the Air Force revealed, among several things that lead to the current decrepit condition of the Eritrean Air Force, that a friendly fire due to lack of coordination with the ground base was what caused the crash of the two Eritrean Mig fighter planes during the 1998 Ethio-Eritrean border war. He also exposed that subsequent to imprisonment of B/General Habtetsion Hadgu and the ascendance of Teklai Habteselasie as the chief of the Air Force; pilots, ground technicians, and staffs of the Eritrean Air Force were forced to serve as field hands in agricultural projects. This foolish action resulted in negligence and lack of routine maintenance of the Air Force gear causing several crashes and consequent deaths of highly skilled pilots.

One comment on “Leul Kibreab – former Eritrean Air Force pilot

  1. Robel on said:

    Hi Jigna pilot Liul kemey aleka asalto ab hiwetkan nabrakan ymneyelka. Kulu ab palt talk ztezarebkayo ksab part4teketatileyo be taemi tegerimen tedeniken plus beautiful wiliam wedikuna meret… Administrators tgebruwo zeleku kalsi nkorialkum ena.Natey comments eti action kwused yjimir endyu zelo base kab Ethiopia gerna kndmsiso nezi seraki shfta belae seab slezis n mntay not beynu kemti nay kedem abotatna ayatatnan ztetekemlu nay fedayn srah ab ketema gerna ezi dembe tekawumo zeynekabtso hanti be ayney zreakuwon nay aynimskir zneberkun journalist Mehari Msgna. Kktel kelo ab kebabi meda eritrea znebere enda Mess meste. Endyu be ketru seat 1p.my ketiluwo zhademe so why not nezi guhila kemzia operation. Zeynserhalu neti zketelo jigna least ms sdrabetu wuhsnet nhabo be genzeben kulu moraln shu be dhriu kulu kelil ykonelna. Netom kaliot nmlkamom bretawi kalsi ayedlyenan eyu hji not jeka technical srah niuu mktal be amenzratat gerka ab zbelialu megbi smi medhanit b mnsnas neshegro ybl Natey comment.awetna kea nay gdin eyu ab kereba gize.

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