Confession of a YPFDJ

Having returned back from their latest visit to the country, two formerly YPFDJ members who until recently were ardent supporters of the PFDJ regime recounted the current real condition in Eritrea and the misery the people are going through.

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Published on: October 17, 2012

One comment on “Confession of a YPFDJ

  1. Wedi Tesseney on said:

    The testimony of the lady in part one is absolutely true. In 2006 I was in class when the government took 2 full big buses of students. I remember the director of the school and two armed guys, begun to call their names, one of my best friends filmon was one of the them. At that time I was 10 grade student, and this incident led me to decided, after 4 months 3 friends and I escape to sudan, it wasn’t that hard because we were from Tesseney. Higdef aytemeno, does have respect for humanity.

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