Meron Estifanos on Eritrean refugees

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Published on: August 23, 2012

Meron Estifanos on the experience of Eritrean refugees in Sudan, Sinai, and Israel.

5 comments on “Meron Estifanos on Eritrean refugees

  1. biniam tzeggai on said:

    ዝከበርኩም ዓበይትን ነኣሽቱን ኤርትራውያን
    እዚ ሓፍትና መሮን ምስክርነት ሽግራትን ሕሰምን ባርነት መቅዘፍትን እትህበና ዘላ ሓቂ እንተዘይኮይኑ እንታይ ክከውን ይክእል !መሮን ተዘንትወልና ዘላ ካብ ሓቂ እዩ::ካብ ዚ ቃንዛ ሕሰም ዋጋ ዘይብልና ኮይና ኤርትራውያን ንርከብ ኣሎና: ብሕልፊ “መንእሰያት”ንክትበርሱን ንክትጠፍኡን ብዝብል ክጥን ሓሳብን መደብን “ህግደፍ መዲብዎ ከምዘሎ ፈሊጥናዮ ኣሎና ፡፡ኤርትራውያን ቅያ ከምዘይሰራሕና ፡ዓለም ከምዘይሰራሕና የእዳውና ቦንባን ካላችንኮፍን ሃውናት ከምዘይ ቶኮክስና እወ ጀግንነት ከምዘይ ሰራሕና !!!!!እወ!!እንታይ ኢና ኮይና !ዋጋ ዘይብልና መጻወቲ “በደዊን ”
    ኮይና ተሪፍና !!!ሜሮን ካብ እትምስክሮም ዘላ ካብኡ ዝከፍኤ ኤርትራውያን ክወርደና ኣይክእልን !የልቦን ::
    ስለዚ የሕዎተይ እንታይ ክንገብር ኢልኩም ኢልና ንሕተት !ብሕልፊ መንእሰያት ሕጂ ንስካትኩም ወሲንኩም ተላዚብኩም ወሲንኩም ክትገብርዎ ዘሎኩም ክትገብሩ ኣሎኩም ::ንስኩም ባዕልኩም ወሲንኩም ተበጊስኩም ሽግራት ሃገርኩምን ሕብረተሰብኩምን ክትፈትሑዎ ኣሎኩም!!!!ውዕል ሕደር ኣየድልየኩምን እዩ !!ስመርርርርርርርርርር !!!ዝስበር ስበር ዝግበር ግበር ሞት ንኣዳም ባርነት ናገልዳም ስመመርርርርርርርርር ርርርርርር !!

  2. yared abraha on said:

    hi selam nakom nehna neberti sudan ertrawian sedetngata ab maseker kassala . adetatena wy (our mothers) etiopean sele zokona kab UNHCR tensegna hemak nabera kem nenber zelna nehber bezelkom akme neze zerba kete mahlalofelnan kethbaberona bekbri nehatet

  3. dawithagos on said:

    selam nakum lemey kenikum hejy ewen degime kab sudan sedetegnatat bejakum unhcr zebahal nay sedetgnatat biro serhu gedifu ab kalie atyou slezelo sedetegnatat kab nbur nelaley tsegemn bedeln yebetsehe sle zelo zemelketo akal ab genva kethatulna meron naky newkes eye adres mobail ******** eyou tewokesna thank you

  4. mhreteab on said:

    hi meron. it is my pleasure to say u hi. i hope u are right, meron we need to informed you that we are Eritreans live in Sudan. we get problem we have permit visa from the Italian government by family union cases mean sponser from our wife but this embassy itally in Sudan not given us any visa for entry to our family. they treat us badly no visa for this case after new year and they told us oral our marriage certificate must register in Eritrea like that which is completed in sydan. the Eritrean governments also not accept. now we need help to advocate in this case or any information . we are in number of greater than 200 who are this problem. actually they sastained for 3 month our visa is almost expired and —
    please give your kind regard

  5. Carola Penkalla on said:

    Dear Meron,
    I was deeply shockt when I saw the documentry yesterday. It can not be that man, woman, children are tortuarate and killed for large amount of money. This is terrible and we have to helpe and stop this. I will informe our prime minister about this. We have to stop this. I wish you much strengt and I will be praying for every person who is captured right now. WE HAVE TO FICHT! I wil pray every.

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