Leul Gaim’s Presenation: June 16, 2012

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Published on: June 17, 2012

Leul Gaim presentation on:
Current state of Eritrea and PFDJ, alignment of political forces in the Eritrean political scene, origin and possible solutions to the issue of nationality based struggle and organizing, and the challenges and expectations ahead in regard to the youth movement.

Part 1

Part 2 and 3

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12 comments on “Leul Gaim’s Presenation: June 16, 2012

  1. Mehari Wolde-Giorgis on said:

    I really Commend the Smerrr group to invite Leul Gaim. He is not only an eloquenst speaker he is an Eritrean icon.

  2. Eyob on said:

    Luul Gaim: you did a good job, Eritrea needs people like you who can lead the people and the country with dignity and pride. Thank you.

  3. Binyam Yemane on said:

    Dear Luul, I listened to your recorded presentation. I appreciate your way of unpacking the challenges that we, as a society, are now facing. Thank you for your analytical explanation. I urge you to keep it up. Smerrr.net, thanks a lot for inviting him and for successfully using this room as a tool in informing the public. Thumbs up, Smerrr.net!!

  4. isayas on said:

    ajokum deleyti lewti eritrawiyan eti gizie lewti enakerebe e u zimetsie zelo nihna ab elamana tray nismerrr nismerrr nismerrr…………….

  5. berhane on said:

    ajona deleyti lewti eritrawiyan eti lewti enakerebe e u dimetsie delo ab elaman tray nitsnae nismerrr nismerrrr nismerrrrr………….

  6. daniel haile on said:

    waw luel kemti kulu gzie btami tsbuk tmhrti hibkana tebae tegadalay ajoka eti awet rhuk aykonen fre kalska trielu gzie arkibu eyu

  7. kemaka yibzhu haw leul gaim ab simret ertrawian abi gide kitizawet tesfa allonni

  8. amir yohannes on said:

    wedi gaym he is my hiro

  9. Misgina on said:

    I am proud to be a member of smerr

  10. Misgina on said:

    I am an eritrean man and i never been a member of any group before but now i have obligation , i mean i never heard any eritrean people sold or their organs taking out this and other things making me sad and cry.
    because of so many things i decide to a member and help my eritrean brothers

  11. Nasser Ba Abood on said:

    Lueul Gaim ane gana eshel kolleka eye zifelteka nugho nugho kedmy bet temerty mikadna kof eilka ketetsenne kelleka yizekerenni eyu malet abty ewan ety bihaki yednekeka nere abzy dereja mibtsahka wen bitaemy eye tehaguise emmo haye ketsilelu eika hizby ertra kemaka zi ainetom lebamaten jeganun sebat eyu zedlia

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