Sinai tragedy and PFDJ connection

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Published on: June 5, 2012

The Sinai tragedy and PFDJ connection as told by a victim on Smerrr paltalk room

One comment on “Sinai tragedy and PFDJ connection

  1. biniam tzeggai on said:

    “No one is an island”.we are going to be stronger than we were.We will wiser we will be more united than we were.we will we be masters of many things than we did before.We will be more wiser than we were.We will be respected than we were.We will make ourselves more than we did before.We will not kneel down to any one except to our GOD !We are paying inoccent lives every day than we did,but they will be amoung us.We are subjucated to cruellity & cirme in the desert of Sinai and other parts of the world.But we will not only find our selves but WE WILL MAKE OUR SELVES ! WE WILL BE UNITED STRONG ERITREANS !Not far from Sinai our history is written on the ancient PYRAMYDS of Geb´tze.After all these agony we will be more,more than we were.We will not forget those who are helping us now and we will not forget those who are torturing,stealing our organs ,rape and kiddnaping our eritrean /HABBESHA childrens nor will we forgive then until they “Confess and ask Apology for what they are doing to us “.We are people with history and we are going to overcome all these and “WE will be UNITED STRONG ERITREAN PEOPLE THAT ALWAYS WIN & CREATE a strong IDENTITY as ERITREANS/HABBESHA!!!!!we will live with Harmony with our NEGBOURS!WE WILL BE UNITED STRONGER PEACE LOVING PEOPLE OF ERITREA!!!!!!!Thas is why we still are paying many innocent beautiful life every day in the SINAI desert and other part of world .WE WILL NEVER KNELL DOWN except To our GOD!!!!United we will WINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN.ALL Beautiful things to all of YOU;

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