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Published on: February 1, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen of Smerrr, Welcome to,In accordance with our mission stated as “to provide a platform to promote Eritrean political and human rights, mobilize against HGDF (PFDJ) tyranny inside and outside Eritrea, and to discuss issues of common interest using all means of communication provided by current social media technology (Paltalk, Facebook, Youtube, Website, etc.),” we now present to you this website– We have decided to publish it In its current preliminary form hoping that we will get all necessary assistance from you in the spirit and tradition of Smerrr to bring it to its final polished form. We ask your participation to help us make it the hub of timely, efficient, and informative site that is geared towards action against PFDJ rule in Eritrea. Provide us the necessary feedback and comments. Tell us what you want to see here, what works and what doesn’t – color?, text font?, menu? content? you name it. You can comment on just about anything you might think will improve our (and your) site.Our future plan consists of publishing this site in English, Tigrinya, and Arabic with a seamlessly integrated structure and an overall same look and content. In that regard, we are looking for volunteers with the necessary skills to help us achieve the goal.For the next week or so we will be mainly focusing on receiving your feedbacks and suggestions. By the end of that phase, we will come out with improved version that incorporates your suggestions and ideas in a humanly possible manner.With your help and participation we are ready to break the back of HGDF, Smerrrrr!!!Smerrr Web team,

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  1. Aida Kidane on said:

    Unite for the future of country.

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