Medeb Tezareb

In the following audio recorded during the May 1 and May 8, 2012 sessions of medeb tezareb in Smerrr for change paltalk room, Brhane Afro a former prison investigator in the PFDJ prison system exposes, in harrowing details, the cruelty our people are subjected to inside the pervasive prison system in Eritrea. Corruption, torture, rape, and execution are common occurrence. He states that the appalling conditions Eritreans are suffering under Sinai Bedouin kidnappers pales in comparison to what goes on inside the prison systems in Eritrea under hgdef, specifically Adi Abieto, Serejeqa, and Mai Serwa. Listen to it and you will never be the same again, at least anyone with an iota of a conscience in him or her wouldn’t.


In PFDJ’s Eritrea, proper burial of loved ones may be considered a privilege. Listen to the woman in this clip narrating a real story of what happened to her close relatives in Eritrea

Yoel Lino speaking on the whys of Medeb Tezareb during one of the daily paltalk sessions in smerr room

A sample clip from the lectures by Dr. Abraham Paulos

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  1. biniam tzeggai on said:

    ጸባ ስተ !ዩኤል ሓቂ ኣየፍርሕን ቃል ቅዱስ እዩ !ስለዚ ምምስካር ዘይምጥቃን ምዝረብ ዘይምፍራህ !ፍርሒ ባርነት እዩ !መንእሰያትና እትከድዎ ዘሎኩም መንገዲ ቅኑዕ እዩ!እምነት ፍቅርን ጽንዓትን ሓይልን እዩ !ሕሶት ድካም እዩ!ስምረት ሓድነት በርዓንን ሰዓርን ኣዩ!ስምረት እምነት ምጽውዋር ምትዕጽጻፍ ነዊሕን ሓጺርን ራእን ሽቶን ግበሩ::ፍልጠት መሳርያኩም ሓድነት ዕጥቅኩም እምነት ቅንዕናን ተጸዋርነት መንፈስኩም ገርኩም ኣጆኹም !ኣጆና !ኣጆክን !ቀሪብና ኢና !ንክሰልጥ ኩሉ ግፍዕታት እናዘከርና ንመርሽ ሓቢርና በብንክእሉ በብወገንና!

  2. betrihaqi on said:

    ዘገርም ዩ ሓውና ንስኻ ድማ እንኳዕ እቲ ዕጫ ኣየጋጠመካ ምቅሊ ኮንካ ኢሰያስን ተሓባበርቱን ክልተ
    ፍርዲ ይጽበዮም ኣሎ ንሱ ካኣ ፍርዲ ሰማይን ምድርን ዩ
    ካብዚኣቶም የድሕነና ልኡኻት ሳጥናኤል ይበሃሉ

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