Medeb Agayish

zeynbur kunetat Eritrea
The following is presentation by Yosief Ghebrehiwet on March 23rd, 2012 in Smerrr Paltalk Room exploring the topic of the recent military attack on Eritrean soil undertaken by Ethiopia, but within greater context: what it means for the PFDJ to normalize relations with Ethiopia, and its consequences; what it means for the PFDJ to normalize relations with its own subjects, and its consequence; how these two normalizations are intimately related to one another; and how the regional conditions determine the internal conditions in Eritrea.

3 comments on “Medeb Agayish

  1. Habtom Tekle on said:

    Please make Part1 and 2 available for download.

  2. George Tesfazion on said:

    he is a great teacher,thank you for making it downloadable

  3. biniam tzeggai on said:

    ዮስየፍ ብዙሕ እዋን እየ ተካታቲለዩ ጽሑፋትካ ተከታቲለዮ የቀንየለይ ብተወሳኪ እዚ ኣብዚ ዝሃብካዮ ትምህርቲ ብትግርኛ ብምሃብካ ሰናይን መሃርን ጥዑምን ዓሙቅን ቁምነገር ሓቅን ትንተናን ብምሃብካ ጻማካ ብኣምላክ ርካቦ::ተዓወት !ተኣወት !ተዓወት !መንእሰያትና ፍልጠት ተሓሪምዎም ዝነበረ እነሆ ካባክኻ ይወርሱን ይለብሱን::ካብ “ከንቱ ጭረሖታትን ” እትህቦ ዘሎኻ ዓሙቅ ምዕቡልን መካትን ወጣርን በዳህን ዝኮነ ፍልጠት ተመራጺ እዩ ::
    ስም ለገሰ
    ሳጓ ለበሰ

    ሓሶት ሃሰሰ
    ዘይምትእምማን ወረሰ

    ቤተ ክህነት
    መቅደሳት ተደፍረ

    ኣይግዛእን ዕጭ ዘበለ ህዝቢ
    ምስተገዝኣ !!!!!!!

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