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About Us
We are Eritreans all over the world who have had it enough with HGDF (Peoples Front for Democracy and Justice (PFDJ)) – the one man ruling party in Eritrea – and are mobilizing to take action to end it’s grip on power and usher in the rule of law and justice in our country. Mainly led by the awakened and vibrant Eritrean youth, our mission is to provide a platform to promote Eritrean political and human rights, mobilize against PFDJ tyranny inside and outside Eritrea, to discuss issues of common interest, and facilitate actions on the ground using all means of communication provided by current social media technology such as: Paltalk, Facebook, Youtube, Website, and other. Standing firmly on the side of the Eritrean people this website (Just like our smerrr paltalk room, and Facebook page) serves as information center for actions against the dictatorship in Eritrea. It is not affiliated with any particular political group or civic association but equally serves all, as in the proverbial Eritrean daEro (sycamore tree), where all sit down under it’s tsilal (shade) to discuss their communal issues and find solutions to their problems. We have chosen the daEro and the Arkokobay to be prominent features in our banner recognizing their sacred status in Eritrea. Under the shade of these large daEro trees, our fore bearers wrote the “Heghi -endabas” (old customary written laws) earning them their deserved designation as an “open-air parliament” of the nation in the ancient times. Even now, they are used in the rural areas for various kinds of meetings and discussions, including debates on matters of judicial nature. Thus, it symbolizes best the public space that has entirely disappeared under the Isaias regime. The Arkokobay is a dominant species in much of the lowland area and it is crucial to the livelihoods of thousands of Eritreans in the lowlands. Owing to this contribution, the tree is revered by the people and is seen as symbolizing the lowland culture. Together with the daEro, the two symbols complete the totality of Eritrea reflecting our unity in diversity. Join us and exchange ideas, messages, and current events with your fellow Eritreans and be prepared for action against HGDF (PFDJ). Follow us or join the smerrr paltalk room (Eritrean Smerrr for Change Room1) in a live conversation with Eritreans from all over the world discussing all topics affecting Eritreans at home and in diaspora. Also become a member of our Facebook page and interact with thousands of members.

Mission Statement:
Our mission is to provide a platform to promote Eritrean political and human rights, mobilize against PFDJ tyranny inside and outside Eritrea, to discuss issues of common interest to all Eritreans, and facilitate actions on the ground using all means of communication provided by current social media technology.

Our Objectives:
(a) to bring about the downfall of the PFDJ by any means as soon as possible;
(b) to inform the world about the true nature of the totalitarian regime in Eritrea;
(c) to instill a democratic culture within the youth population in Diaspora;
(d) to be a voice for the Eritrean youth scattered all over the world;
(e) to encourage the youth to talk about first-person and other-person experiences in Eritrea, especially their experiences in the National Service;
(f) to encourage the youth to tell their stories as refugees, beginning from refugee camps in neighboring countries all the way to their destination points;
(g) to advocate for the rights of the Eritrean people, in general, and the youth, in particular;
(h) to advocate for the rights of Eritrean refugees all over the world;
(i) to bring the menace of human trafficking (kidnapping, detainment, blackmailing, ransom-payment, organ harvesting, torture, killings, etc.), that is adversely affecting vulnerable Eritrean refugees in huge numbers, to the attention of the world;
(j) to seek better ways to reach the Eritrean masses inside Eritrea;
(k) to unify the various sectors of the Eritrean people in Diaspora under a vision of a prosperous, peaceful and democratic Eritrea;
(l) to reach the youth in the PFDJ camp, especially those born and/or raised in Diaspora;
(m) to strengthen the Eritrean communities in Diaspora;
(n) to encourage the youth to always stay connected to his home country;
(o) to dare the youth look at the true history of Eritrea’s ancient and more recent;
(p) to boldly examine the nature of the Eritrean resistance and its legacy and impact on post-independence Eritrea;
(q) to empower the youth with necessary information of his/her host country;
(r) to generate discussion on problems of assimilation faced by the youth in their host countries;
(s) to generate discussion on taboo subjects such as sex and gender, religious differences, regionalism, ultra-nationalism, etc;

7 comments on “About Us

  1. Helen Goitoum on said:

    selam kuburat yehwat mejemerya ane visa,kredit karte sle zeyebley kab natey accunt
    ksedelu zkel wey zetahlafelu megedi kthburni kurb khgz delye
    kale lomi katu delye ab Smerrr.Room katu aykalkun slemntay endi ab kale Room katu
    ykel kab kulu accunt Nr. bejakum haburuni
    mys buzh selam deleyti fthi

  2. Buruk Tekle on said:

    Selam ahwat at Smerrr,
    I am a strong supporter of your successful way of promoting the democratic dialogue culture you are promoting in the PalTalk.com chat room. I would like you to know that your efforts are highly regarded and appreciated by tens of thousands of Eritrean all over the world. Keep up th fantastic work that you are doing. I hope you will inspire many more who will help in many more ways to save our country and end all this madness imposed by DIA on our people. God bless Eritrea and all its citizens fighting for Democracy and Justice!!!

  3. GenaoAnothen on said:

    I was in the room when Tesfai Antonio was invited to talk. Some of the participators in the room (including one of the administrators) were very angry and expressed disgust against some things Tesfai Antonio said. The anger went so far as making it impossible for the invited guest to continue.

    I would like to give my opinion on that:
    1- I think that the smerrr movement needs to formulate some basic principles (mission, objectives, etc …) that make up a framework for all types of common enterprises (including discussions on paltalk). I have seen your objects on this web page. However, I think that they are to many and can be generalized down to four or five fundamental principles. What is important is that they are democracy promoting principles. (by that I mean that they allow any one to have a differing opinion or contradict her/himself etc). What is important is that every eritrean must, based on those principles, be able to talk his mind without fearing to be mocked.

    2- I think the administrators need to be even more vigilant to guard human rights (democratic rights), even if what the talker is saying might go against their convictions. Instead of getting angry and suggest to stop the invited guest, it is better to come up with challenging questions that would disclose the guests evil intents.

    My reason for writing is simple: I am one of those who still is wandering if the smerrr movement will come up with a culture of defend-every-eritrean’s-right-to-talk-his-mind spirit (which is, in fact, basic human right). Unless this culture (human-right-culture) is not implemented fully, then there is risk that people that should have joined the movement would, out of despair, say “wencho-integelbetkayo-wencho” and let be joining. By that I mean, there is risk that people would accept a “tfelto sheiTan” just because the “zeitfelTo mel’aK” is not demonstrating a spirit of mel’aK.

    My best regards to all who are fighting to bring about human rights for hour people.

  4. wedi bilata on said:

    bsmerr .net natsnet ertra kemtirikeb hilmi halime imo kemay zihalmu zelena ab zi canada bzuhat silezikona bikemey kinitrnef ab thti smerrrrrrr bejakatkum tehababeruna bitami buzuhat ina

  5. biniam on said:

    it is great but i want to join and do my part.i am a refuge in ethiopia addis abeba what can i do i want to join semeret

  6. michael on said:

    Hi smer room
    I do realy apreciate the righteous and timely deeds u guys doing. Moreover, i am really happy u guys are implementing the ideas given by the public in the room.
    I am, hereby, to give litle comment on mission statement catagory. Most intentions of the mission goes to youth, but this will reflect that the room belongs mostly to the youth. With all due respect,all i am saying is my personal point of view.
    I hope u guys will change the sense of belongingness to particular part of the society. My sugestion is that in some statements, i would like to see the statements that mention youths alone,should be changed to all people of eritrea , especially youths.
    But honestly, the most target should be the youth, and i do understand the motive that made the youths the main target. Cause youth is always the engine.

  7. Said Adem on said:

    Selam Kuborat ahwat
    ty betegebrewo aby serah gen slementay nay Ahmed m. Naser mefanewi medeb be sembet ab stockholm kista be elet 30/03-2014 ztegebre walkewa be teknikawi tsegem sheuo on laen keseded entezeykeale dehiro keletef zeytekale ? kelete mealti halifo zkone meleket yelen / Hawekom Said Adem

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